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Having my discounts/coupons effect more than one product?

Normally the shopping cart will only look at a single item, for any given discount or coupon, to decide whether or not that item should be given a discount.
However, you may wish to group your items together to determine which discount they should be given.

Discounts can be made global or universal if you place an identifier on the end to distinguish it as global.

For example a normal discount could be something like:
   (Give a 10% discount when they purchase 4 or more of the SAME item)

If you needed this coupon to effect multiple products, then you could change it slightly to:
   (Give 10% when they purchase 4 or more of ANY product that contains this EXACT discount code)

Other names besides global can work. This is especially useful if the group of products has a specific theme in common. For example:
      @4:10%:cookies     (for a line of cookies)
      @4:10%:pants     (for a line of pants)

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