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How do I download orders into my database?

To download your most recent list of orders use the following URL:

If you would like to download specific order numbers you can use this format:,2,3

The download area uses basic authentication. Many programming languages let you authenticate yourself simply by entering a URL in this format:

Please note you will need to change USERNAME USER and PASS to the proper values.

It is also important to note that you can use "EmailOrder", "FaxMailOrder", or even "OnlineOrder" in the URL in place of "AllOrder", to view the other order types.

Or, to download everything the shopping cart has on file.
  1. Login,
  2. Go to "Search My Orders" under "Order History",
  3. Select your date range and click "Download File".
Once you have downloaded your file, you can import it into any number of spreadsheet or order fulfillment applications. Contact support for your application to find out how to import a comma separated (CSV) file.

To prevent problems with your file, please follow these simple rules:
  1. Comma delimited, quote encapsulated. View our CSV Format Details for a complete field description.
  2. Carriage returns may appear in the data. Be careful which utility you use to parse the CSV, some cannot handle carriage returns in the data.
  3. New fields may be added to the END of each row as shopping cart upgrades occur, please create your program to ignore these new fields until you can update your program so that it can deal with them more directly.
  4. Your password will change over time. Please make sure your script can properly handle invalid password errors.
  5. Be careful not to download orders too often. You may end up locking your self out if you download more often then once every couple of hours. Especially if your password changes.
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