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Can I download a daily batch of orders/transactions?

Yes, you can. An example daily CSV file can be downloaded here.

The easiest way to download your daily order file is to go straight to the file. An example URL for download is:

Download "OnlineOrders" from a specific day:

Download all orders that you have not yet downloaded:

Please note you will need to change USERNAME, D, M, and YYYY to the proper values, and that you should always be downloading files of a previous day (or before). The file for the current day is still being created, please wait to download the current day's orders until the following day.

Once you have downloaded the file, you can import it into any number of spreadsheet or order fulfillment applications. Contact support for your application to find out how to import a comma separated (CSV) file.

Things to note:
  1. If you enter a proper URL and get a "not found" error, then no orders were processed on that day.
  2. There are no leading zeroes on the URL
    BAD -- OnlineOrder_02_05_2005.db
    GOOD -- OnlineOrder_2_5_2005.db
  3. The above example is for Online Orders only. You can also use "EmailOrder", "FaxMailOrder", or even "AllOrder" in the URL to view the different order types.
  4. If your logged into your shopping cart administration then the download will begin immediately. Otherwise you will have to enter your username and password to download the file.
For additional information regarding downloading orders, Click Here.
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